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Bryan G. Burgoz    David M. Niese, PE     Brian A Kemp   Martin Cobb   Bob E. Runke

Bryan G. Burgoz  TOP



                          AWS/CWI  #94010321

                          ASNT Certified Level II  UT, MT, PT

                          ICC Special Inspector:

                               Structural Steel & Welding #0869733-85

                               Reinforced Concrete Associate #0869733-48

                               Spray-Applied Fireproofing #0869733-86

                               Structural Masonry #0869733-84

                           ACI Grade 1, Concrete #927551

                           AWCI – EIFS Inspector #590005

                           City of Los Angeles – Deputy Building Inspector, Steel Construction - # P029341

                           OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety


Mr. Burgoz has over 28 combined years experience in inspection, testing, and consulting with two firms located in Arizona. He originally spent twelve years with a large Southwest consulting company, serving as construction materials technician, special inspector, and laboratory supervisor of the structural/special testing division.  Specific duties from 1984 to 1995 encompassed most construction materials testing and inspection disciplines. Testing and inspection included both laboratory and field applications on all types of projects from single family residences to heavy civil and industrial projects throughout the United States.  From 1996 to present, Mr. Burgoz has, and currently serves as, President of Inland Engineering & Consulting, Inc., and was co founder of its predecessor Inland Inspections & Testing Inc.   He has served many roles during his tenure including technician, special inspector, consultant, project and company manager, marketer, and currently oversees day to day operations.  He has been involved in several projects throughout the country and in Mexico, that have included testing and or inspections of fabrication, manufacturing, heavy civil construction, mining, industrial, aerospace, power generation, and many other industries.

     Mechanical Testing

     Testing Technician

Has performed extensive physical and non destructive testing of construction materials, structural load carrying members and assemblies, mechanical systems, architectural finish systems, paints and coatings, roofing materials and systems, fire resistive coatings, welds and weldments, fasteners and fastening systems, engineered products, textiles, and pressure vessels.  Measuring and testing projects have consisted of stand alone scopes of services, supplemental services for structural evaluations, product verifications, construction quality control and quality assurance, and third party verifications.


     Special Inspector

Has been involved with inspection of several types of construction materials and their manufacture, new construction workmanship, existing structures and buildings, and fabrications, including but not limited to, concrete, metals, masonry, welding, bolting, coatings, mechanical and piping systems, architectural finish systems, wood and wood systems, fire resistive coatings and materials, galvanizing and painting, roofing, fastener installations, structural filling and back filling, and asphalt.    

     Codes, Standards, Drawings and Specifications

Is highly proficient and experienced with reading and interpreting codes, standards, structural, architectural, and mechanical drawings, and project specifications.  Has worked to, and in accordance with, several local, federal, National, and International Codes and Standards, using SI, Imperial, and Metric Systems of measurements.



David M. Niese, PE   TOP

Vice President


       MSCE, Geotechnical and Structural Engineering courses at Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ

       BSCE, University of New Mexico -  Albuquerque, New Mexico Surveying and Structures


                           Reg. Civil Engineer AZ, CA, NM, CO

                           Certified Geotechnical Engineer by Exam - CA

                           Certified Building Inspector – ICC, UBC

                           Graduate of Executive after Dinner Speaking and Leadership Training Club

      Employment History:

       Inland Engineering & Consulting, Inc. Consulting Engineer      06/2011 – Present

       U.S. Concrete – Precast Group

 Consulting Engineer          04/2001 - Present


Mr. Niese has over 30 years experience in civil, geotechnical, and structural engineering, surveying, construction inspection, testing, and consulting, on projects located throughout the Southwestern United States.  He has designed residential and commercial structures, foundations, underground concrete utility vaults, and pavement mixes.  Mr. Niese also has extensive experience in quality control engineering on several civil projects, and performed special inspections on a variety of structures in Arizona.



Evaluated 1000 miles of highway, over a two year period, for Maricopa County pavement management system.

   Engineers International, Inc.

Performed preliminary design of overpass foundations on 11 bridges on  Interstate 10, from Marana, AZ to Tucson, AZ

  Alma School Road – Mesa, AZ

Quality control engineer on reconstruction of 2.5 miles of Alma School road.  2.5 million dollar project.

   Cave Creek, AZ

Design engineer on 2 million dollar custom single family residence.


   Community College in Phoenix, AZ

Instructed basic engineering and surveying classes from 1990 to 1994 and again from 2001 to 2006.


   Los Alamos, New Mexico

 Soil engineer on slope stability and heavy foundation projects at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.


Brian A Kemp    TOP

Senior Inspector


                         AWS Certified #05040571

                   ASNT NDT Technician  Level II UT, MT, PT

                    ICC Special Inspector:

                               Structural Steel/Welding  #5292609-85

                               Spray Applied Fireproofing #5292609-86


             Inland Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

                Inspector, NDT Technician    May 06 to Present

            Southwest Mobile Storage

                Production Manager             Jan 05 to April 06


Mr. Kemp is currently responsible for field special inspections, welding and high strength bolt inspections, and nondestructive testing. Mr. Kemp is a certified weld inspector and has over 7 years of practical experience and is a graduate of the College of Oceaneering, where he received extensive education in non-destructive testing.  He currently performs continuous and periodic welding and structural steel inspections on small to large and small public and private projects, as well as ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and liquid penetrant testing at several fabrication shops located throughout the valley.

    Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel; Phoenix, Arizona

    Special Inspector
Performed fabrication shop inspections at one of the largest steel fabrication facilities in Arizona, including dimensional and fit-up verification, pre-weld and post-weld inspections, cambering, material identification, verification of welding procedures and welder certifications, in process welding inspections and verification of shipping of members.  Field inspections were also performed on this project.

    Pinnacle IV at Kierland Commons; Scottsdale, Arizona

   Special Inspector                                                                                       

This project consists of a new 6-story steel frame office building with an underground parking garage.  Mr. Kemp provided non-destructive testing of full penetration welds at the fabrication facility and the jobsite. His responsibilities included tracking non-conformance issues and working closely with the contractor to ensure successful completion of all repairs and critical weld connections.

   Sharp Memorial Hospital; San Diego, California

   Fabrication Shop Inspector                                                                       

Performed fabrication shop inspection in accordance with OSHPD requirements.  Services performed included visual weld inspection and non-destructive testing such as ultrasonic testing, LamScan, and magnetic particle inspection.

  Tempe Center for the Arts; Tempe, Arizona

  Field & Fabrication Shop Inspector                                                           

Performed visual weld inspection and high strength bolt inspection, conducted non-destructive testing including ultrasonic and magnetic particle examinations of full penetration welds for steel frame assemblies.

   Optima Camelview Village; Scottsdale, Arizona

  Field Inspector                                                                                          

Optima Camelview Village is a multi-level luxury condominium development with resort-style living.  This 14-acre community is designed for a pedestrian friendly setting with all parking underground.  Mr. Kemp was currently responsible for field inspections at this project that included anchor bolt inspections and special inspections on structural steel.

  Westgate City Center - Phase I; Glendale, Arizona

  Field Inspector                                                                                          

Phase I of the Westgate City Center development included the construction of nine (9) separate structures on vacant land, ranging in size from 8,300 to 15,100 sf.  Of the 9 structures, 7 were single-story structures and 2 were four-story structures, with a below grade level parking garage.  The single-story structures are constructed with structural steel columns and beams, metal stud walls, conventional shallow spread-type footings, and concrete floor slabs-on-grade.  The four-story structures included concrete basement walls, structural steel framing, light-gauge metal framing for the exterior walls, conventional spread-type footings, and concrete slabs-on-deck and slabs-on-grade.


Martin Cobb   TOP

Special Inspector/Technician


                         ICC – Structural Steel/Bolting


     Employment History:


           Inland Engineering & Consulting, Inc.,




Mr. Cobb has five years testing and inspection experience, primarily with structural steel, welding, high strength bolting, and concrete.  He has performed welder qualifications and welding procedure qualification testing for structural steel, reinforcing steel, and sheet steel.  He has provided special inspections of high strength bolting, including bolt pretension verifications using a bolt tension calibrator, proof load testing of post installed anchors, and assisted in spray applied fire resistive materials special inspections.  Mr. Cobb also is experienced in performing nondestructive testing on concrete and masonry structures, using Ground Penetrating Radar technology for identifying and locating subsurface indications.

   Inland Engineering & Consulting, Inc. Laboratory - Phoenix, Arizona


Mr. Cobb routinely performs mechanical and chemical testing for welder qualifications and welding procedure qualification testing, in accordance with American Welding Society (AWS), and America Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) accepted standards, including, but not limited to, tension, bend, and macro etch testing.

   Province Active Adult Community, Phase 1, Maricopa, Arizona

   Project Manager

Verified compliance of material placement with Pinal County Subdivision requirements.  Inspection areas supervised during the project included; Lime stabilization of roadways, mass grading, asphalt pavement, post-tension.  He also helped author and complete a full Geotechnical Report for the project.  The project consisted of a 640-acre master planned community with over 1000 single-family


   Caesar’s Palace Spa Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada

   Special Inspector/Material Tester

Performed Material Testing and special inspection during the construction of the 30+ story cast-in-place structure with a steel framed low-rise and a 4 story parking structure.  Over 100,000 cubic yards of concrete was placed for the $400 million+ casino expansion.

Robert E. Runke    TOP

Special Inspector/Technician


               AWS CWI #12060361

               ICC Special Inspector Spray-Applied Fireproofing

               Special Inspector #8183585

               Structural Steel and Bolting

               Special Inspector #8183585

     Employment History:

        Inland Engineering and Consulting, Inc.

             November of 2011 to Present

        RSC Equipment Rental

             May of 2010 to November 2011

        GandyDancer LLC

             March of 2009 to May of 2010

        Messer Construction Company Inc.

             February of 2003 to March 2009


        Bachelor Degree in Mathematics Education

             from Northern Arizona University 1988-1993

     Master Degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Adult Education
from Northern Arizona University 1993-1995


Mr. Runke has over 15 years combined experience in construction, inspections, testing and equipment maintenance.  Eleven years of experience consisted as being assigned to an emergency response team and derailment specialist for two contractors supporting various railroads.  Mr. Runke’s duties included inspection of contractors and railroad company heavy equipment, supervising derailment response team, and assistant superintendent during reconstruction of rail line, structures and bridges.  Recently his experience has included annual maintenance inspections of aerial work platforms to OSHA requirements, welding and steel construction inspections of buildings and structures, inspections and testing of spray applied fire resistive materials, and non-destructive testing using Ground Penetrating Radar of structural concrete and/or masonry slabs, columns, beams, walls and decks.  Mr. Runke has conducted inspections and testing on structures, equipment and materials, for conformance to project requirements, using standards and codes including ICC, AWS, ASTM, AISC, OHSA, IMSA, FMCSA, and varies state DOTs.

    Commonwealth Dairy - Casa Grande, AZ

      Steel Construction Special Inspector

Performed inspections of structural steel columns and beams for a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facilityWork included WPS and welder qualification review and verifications, in process weld inspection of CJP and PJP welds, visual inspections of completed welding, and high strength bolting inspections in accordance with project requirements and the International Building Code.

    Albertson's Distribution Center Expansion - Goodyear, AZ

      Steel Construction Special Inspector

Performed inspections of structural steel columns and beams for a 15,000 square foot cold storage expansion. Work included WPS and welder qualification review and verifications, in process weld inspection of PJP welds, visual inspections of completed welding, and high strength bolting inspections in accordance with project requirements and the International Building Code.

       Estrella Mountain Police Precinct - Phoenix, AZ

     Steel Construction Special Inspector


Performed structural steel and welding special inspections on the new construction of a vehicle maintenance facility. Duties included verification of welder qualifications and welding procedures, and visual weld inspections in accordance with project requirements and the International Building Code.

    Yavapai Regional Medical Center – Prescott Valley, AZ

     Fabrication Special Inspector

Performed fabrication inspections of structural steel columns and beams for a two story addition.  Work included WPS and welder qualification review and verifications, in process weld inspection of CJP and PJP welds, visual inspections of completed welding, and high strength bolt inspections.

    KOFA Substation – Yuma, AZ

     Fabrication Special Inspector

Performed fabrication inspections on electrical substation structures at Arizona Public Service fabrication shop in Phoenix, AZ.  Work included material verifications, visual inspections, welder qualification testing and verifications, and coordination of non destructive testing.

    Laboratory Technician and Fabrication Shop Inspector for

     Welder Qualifications and Procedure Qualification Record Testing


Administers welder qualification tests, processes and tests weld samples, and prepares test coupons. Oversees contractor and fabricators welder qualification testing, and welding procedure specification qualification to AWS, ASME, and API codes and standards.

    Ross Avondale (Gateway Pavilion)

     Steel Construction Special Inspector

Performed structural steel and welding special inspections on the remodeling of the structure to repurpose the facility.  Duties included verification of welder certifications and welding procedures, high strength bolting inspections, and visual weld inspections in accordance with project requirements and the International Building Code.