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Inland was founded in Phoenix, Arizona, and incorporated as Inland Inspections & Testing, Inc. in 1996, mainly as a welding construction inspection and nondestructive testing company, servicing Arizona and the Southwestern United States.

As the construction industry continued to grow and prosper, Inland aggressively acquired additional resources to transform into a full service firm.  This was cemented in 2004 when Inland became Inland Engineering & Consulting, Inc., reflecting our progressive expansion and diversification, with over 25 employees.

With a retracting economy in 2009, Inland consolidated and downsized into a much smaller firm, with our current staff of seven employees.  However, in 2013, with our continued desire to broaden our capabilities, we were able to begin providing civil engineering and design services for manufacturing, residential and commercial construction. 

Understanding changes are inevitable during a companies’ history, we remain dedicated to continue providing professional, on time, superior service in a cost effective manner.  We will strive in every aspect to meet or exceed our customers' expectations.



Inland Engineering & Consulting, Inc. (INLAND) is an Arizona corporation providing engineering, testing, inspection, and consulting services throughout Arizona and the United States.  Inland provides these services to a variety of clients and companies representing the public and private sectors, using a staff of highly trained and experienced employees.

Since it’s inception in 1996, Inland has adopted a policy to provide professional, on time, and superior service, with the unwavering commitment to helping Arizona grow with responsible solutions  - “start to finish”.

Mission Statement

Inland Engineering & Consulting, Inc. will continue to provide the most comprehensive engineering, testing, inspection and consulting services, and diligently work toward the betterment of our industry.