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Field Testing

Inland offers a wide variety of field testing services.  On site testing and quality control are routinely performed to provide information for evaluation of compliance of selected elements, using project standards.

Central dispatch and scheduling allows greater diversity of project coverage, and on time arrivals for technicians.  We provide on-call or periodic testing services and full time quality control or quality assurance.

With extensive industry experience Inland personnel are familiar with a wide range of projects and testing methods.  Knowledgeable technicians provide quality testing and services with up to date equipment, resulting in problem solving and comprehensive data valuable to any project team.


Inland offers geotechnical services on a wide range of public and private projects.  Site investigations, material verifications, and soil bearing analysis can be provided during any or all phases of site selection, land development and construction.

Sampling and testing data are obtained using the latest in drilling and excavation equipment.

Field data is carefully collected and analyzed by experienced professionals who work closely with clients to provide fast and accurate results concerning subsoil conditions for structural analysis, foundation and pavement design, and field exploration.

Lab Testing

Inland has an accredited laboratory with trained personnel certified in most up to date and nationally recognized testing procedures, which support our geotechnical engineering and construction materials services.

Samples are submitted, processed, tested and reported efficiently to provide professional results in a timely manner.  Same day testing and "24" hour turn around testing are routinely performed in order to meet our client's demands, when materials and methods allow.

Inland maintains a reference library of the most up to date editions of all applicable codes and standards.  Special or uncommon test methods can be readily obtained for reference and review.  In addition, Inland has access to suppliers of a wide range of testing equipment for special testing needs.

Proficiency of test methods, calibrations, and in house verifications of equipment are routinely performed.  Inland also participates in laboratory accreditations and personnel certifications for technicians, to maintain testing quality.


Mechanical & Special Testing

Today's diverse array of projects require technical information and solutions, that are used for engineering analysis and design verification. Proof load testing, reinforcing steel location and verifications, structural member load testing, and pressure tests are a few or our capabilities.

Inland offers a wide variety of welder certifications, welding procedure qualification, and weld testing and inspection consultation. Testing is commonly performed at our in house facility for individuals and companies, or at the customer's facility or job site. We have extensive resources of welding related specification and codes available, to insure quality results and compliance with recognized standards.

Whether it is problem solving, design verification, product analysis, or simply providing the technical information that comes from dedicated professionals, Inland meets the challenge every time.

Non-Destructive Testing

Inland provides ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and liquid penetrant testing services extensively throughout Arizona and the Southwestern United States.  Highly qualified and certified technicians routinely perform quality control and quality assurance testing at fabrication plants, heavy equipment maintenance and repair shops, manufacturers and construction sites.

Level III non-destructive testing and consulting are other assets Inland can add to those technically diverse projects.  Third party testing, plant audits, and fabrication facility accreditation consultation are provided to a wide range of industries looking to diversify and stay current with industry standards.

Inland's non-destructive testing capabilities include:  Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring, Penetrant Testing, Visual Testing, Reinforcing Steel Locations/Verification, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Special Inspections

Performing special inspections, when required, is an integral part of any project.  Inland's inspectors are capable of providing continuous or periodic, night or day, in or out of town inspections in order to satisfy our clients on a wide variety of projects.  Overnight construction projects and graveyard shifts are commonly staffed with inspectors to maintain project requirements and provide on time results.

INLAND currently provides special inspections for commercial buildings, residential housing, industrial, manufacturing, fabrication, land development and transportation industries.  Our certified inspectors, supported by extensive resources, have the ability to provide accurate and comprehensive information, and maintain a personal and professional relationship with any project team.

Special Inspections: Reinforced Concrete, Structural Masonry, Welding/Structural Steel, High Strength Bolting, Concrete Anchors, Fireproofing, Nondestructive Testing, Soils, Foundations, EIFS, Adhered Veneer, Material Identification, Pressure Testing

Services Overview

Inland offers a wide variety of services that enable us to respond to a diverse set of needs and expectations our client's expect, in both the private and commercial sectors of business.

Our services range from the sampling and testing of soils and construction materials to special inspections and nondestructive testing.  Inland believes the success of a project is determined by a relationship built with experience and quality.  We strongly believe that the wide variety of services that we offer can provide that solid foundation of success.

Welder Qualifications

There is not a Schedule Date for testing in Northern Arizona at this time. 

Welder Qualification are being done at the Lab Located at;

10801 N. 24th Ave., Ste. 118  Phoenix, AZ 85029


Please Call 602-944-8403 to schedule a Welder Qualification test.

Thank you


Bryan G. Burgoz         Email to  BBurgoz@iec-inland.com